New Meeting App Increases Participation, Up to 100%

New Meeting App Increases Participation, Up to 100%

GoWall is the world’s first meeting app to use interactive “notes on a wall” technology to encourage dialogue and capture ideas from across the table or across the world, delivering 100% engagement and better meeting results.


Palo Alto, CA (April 14, 2017): GoWall, the meeting productivity app, has completed its beta stage and was officially released this month to significantly improve participation, input and morale, while reducing meeting duration by up to 50%. With US-based organizations investing over $90 billion per annum in meetings, estimates put the cost of wasted time, poor planning and lack of participation in these sessions at $23 billion. The new GoWall app provides an affordable, high-value solution delivering more value per meeting minute. GoWall takes participants 30 seconds to learn.


“We needed full participation and engagement and we got that using GoWall,” said a Sr. Manager with a Fortune 100 company. “This application gave us a way to capture rich feedback from the group, while also forging an inclusive environment that encouraged everyone to speak their mind.”
GoWall’s unique WallShareTM Technology uses the familiar concept of “notes on a wall” (virtual and printed), giving every participant an equal opportunity to share, discuss and contribute ideas. In beta trials with several Fortune 100 and non-profit organizations, GoWall typically generated 100% engagement, reduced session times by up to 50%, and improved participant morale and perception of meeting value by an astounding 80%.


Bill Kern, GoWall Founder and CEO said, “I’ve studied meeting dynamics for many years and the way meetings often become derailed by lack of structure and participation. The larger the meeting, the more the dialogue tends to degrade.” He continued, “GoWall solves these challenges by giving everyone—whether in room or remote—a way to easily share ideas based on prioritized meeting topics. As a result, we’ve saved companies hundreds of hours of unproductive meeting time.”


Using notes on a wall, input from participants is posted simultaneously. Participants create themes and group notes in real time. Input can be re-grouped, discussed, printed, scanned, and exported.  GoWall eliminates typical meeting frustrations. Introverts now have an equal voice to the one or two people who always seem to dominate the conversation. Those participating remotely finally have a way to stay involved and contribute.


GoWall can be used for impromptu gatherings or high-stakes meetings with equal effectiveness. And while GoWall works great for any number of attendees, it’s particularly powerful when used in sessions of 7 or more when time and participant engagement are essential. GoWall is ideal for use in Town Halls, Offsite Meetings, Strategic Planning Sessions, Conferences, Press Briefings, Product Launches, Brainstorming, Talent Review, and a host of other forums. GoWall runs on all popular browsers and can be accessed via GoWall’s website at ( Subscription fees depend on the number of facilitators, meetings and attendees.



About GoWall

Based in Palo Alto, GoWall, Inc. is dedicated to delivering the promise of bringing people together for the most successful and productive meetings—whether across the table or across the world. Founded by entrepreneurial leader Bill Kern, GoWall builds on the collective intelligence of a group by giving everyone an equal voice.  GoWall’s unique “notes on a wall” technology gives meetings a clear structure while giving participants the ability to group ideas, re-group them, create new topics, print, scan and export them for further action. Meeting and conference organizers radically improve the number and quality of ideas that can be shared, discussed and put into action—delivering better engagement, improved results and higher morale. With meetings in the US costing organizations over $90 billion per year, GoWall ensures that organizers and participants get the most value per meeting minute—all in an easy to use, secure app. For more information, please visit