For Any Type of Meeting

GoWall delivers powerful results in any meeting setting, any discipline, and at all levels of your organization.

• Training
• Workshops
• Town Halls
• Off-site Meetings
• Planning Sessions

• Innovation Forums
• Agile Retrospectives
• Brainstorming Sessions
• Breakout Groups

• Employee and Customer Feedback
• Sales Meetings
• Stakeholder Engagement Workshops
• Talent Reviews


For trainers who want to make their courses interactive and move learners into sharing mode, GoWall provides a transparent, easy-to-use platform with a bonus: a record of every comment and question at the end of the session. You have an immediate archive of information to draw from anytime. Set notes to anonymous and gather your session evaluations before everyone leaves. You’ll dramatically increase the amount of feedback you receive.


Facilitators know that leading effective workshops means being organized and getting everyone engaged in a limited amount of time. And they need a way to capture comments, ideas, and questions. When a session is moving fast, nothing compares to GoWall for collecting input, maintaining focus, tracking comments, and identifying trends.

Town Halls

Executives value diversity of opinion and engagement. They bring teams together to share news and, ideally, to start a dialogue. GoWall gives executives a way to ensure they cover all their key points, while offering attendees a way to simultaneously comment, ask questions, and “Like” what others have to say.

Off-site Meetings

Tired of hauling easels, flip charts, markers, and a note-taker to your off sites? Not to mention waiting a week for the transcribed meeting record. GoWall’s cloud platform makes it easy to instantly capture every idea, organize them around themes, and implement targeted actions immediately, avoiding the pain of note transcription.

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Planning Sessions

Planning Sessions

For planners who want to improvise during a meeting and hear from everyone, GoWall allows you to capture ideas and identify next steps on the fly. Comments can be grouped, prioritized, and put into action during the meeting, saving you time and significantly improving results.

Innovation Forums

Innovation forums are the backbone of business. GoWall is an invaluable tool that lets facilitators capture every idea from attendees and easily see what’s trending. Don’t lose another great idea to the illegible scrawl of a whiteboard, flip chart, or paper note!

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Agile Retrospectives

What went well? What didn’t? Feedback makes these time-boxed meetings go ‘round. Hear from every member on your team (not just the outspoken ones), set priorities, and assign accountability with GoWall’s easy note and grouping walls.

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Brainstorming Sessions

We all have ideas, but some of us are less inclined to risk sharing them. GoWall is the great equalizer, creating a transparent, safe place to express individual thoughts and invite feedback from others. Clients tell us that GoWall has infused these types of sessions with new energy and more useful outcomes. And, GoWall’s anonymous setting can help you get more high quality input, especially around sensitive topics.

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Brainstorming Sessions

Breakout Groups

Imagine you’re in a breakout session and wish you could hear from someone in another group. Well, now you can. Our Notes Wall allows you to survey the entire room first, print out and organize feedback on specialized notes paper, and then divide and conquer to reach new levels of understanding and problem solving.

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Employee and Customer Feedback

Feedback helps businesses improve, but gathering honest opinions can be a challenge. Surveys are time-consuming to build, send, and compile. GoWall is a perfect solution with its easy-to-use Notes Wall, anonymous setting, and one-click Excel export. Invite your employees and customers to join a “Feedback Wall” in real time, or on their own time—or add a feedback topic to your regular meetings.

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Sales Meetings

Capture the energy and enthusiasm of your next sales meeting! GoWall offers sales managers an easy way to capture input from top performers and find themes that point to new products and services.

Stakeholder Engagement Workshops

Identifying key players is critical to launching new initiatives. GoWall helps you get organized from Day 1 and makes it easy to brainstorm and group future engagement activities, communications strategies, and training requirements. When the meeting is over, you will have a list of next steps ready to implement.

Talent Reviews

GoWall makes it easy for managers to conduct a structured assessment that captures their feedback in one place. Use the GoWall Grouping Wall to pull individual manager’s feedback into categories. When you export the data, you can hand your employee one document with feedback collated by manager.

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