Our Company

GoWall® was founded by professional facilitators who have led meetings of every size in industries ranging from high tech to construction.


They’ve used every imaginable tool trying to keep participants engaged, while simultaneously keeping a record of ideas people shared. After many late nights of transcribing Post-It® notes and whiteboard scribbles, the idea for GoWall was born.


GoWall is an innovative meeting productivity tool that helps facilitators add structure to their meetings and keeps participants focused. Our intuitive, notes-based interactive features engage participants and keep ideas flowing. The dynamic and highly collaborative features of GoWall make meetings fun, easy, and incredibly productive. And when the meeting is over, all the valuable ideas and notes captured can be exported and distributed immediately.


Companies spend billions in labor costs each year for time spent in meetings. We all know that meetings are the lifeblood of companies – you have to meet to compete. But how many hours have we collectively wasted in meandering meetings with lackluster participation?


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