Meeting Design and Facilitation Using GoWall

Get the most out of your meetings.

GoWall was born from the idea that targeted design and facilitation engages teams and delivers an optimal meeting experience. We have spent years testing and proving our approach with our clients. Now you can tap into what we know by leveraging specialized consulting and facilitation services to help you design and lead meetings that deliver powerful outcomes.


Read about a meeting that we designed and facilitated for a Fortune 100 company.

Services We Offer

For high-stakes meetings, our consultants offer a systematic approach to help you achieve your goals in the time you have. Our process starts with a working session with you and your team. We ask questions to identify your meeting objectives. We sketch an agenda, and propose down-to-the-minute meeting flow and activities. We provide Activity, Facilitator and Participant guides to ensure you get the results you need.

Now that we’ve designed your meeting, we are ready to facilitate it. Our experts know how to channel the energy in the room and use GoWall to ensure 100% participation, keep the discussion focused, and manage the activities to stay true to the agenda.

At the end of your meeting, our experts can analyze the data collected from the Notes Wall and provide an executive summary you can use in presentations or proposals. This summary will include analysis of participation, decisions, trends, and issues.

About Our Consultants

You name it, we’ve done it. The consultants behind GoWall have worked in high tech, construction, pharma, finance, retail, and more, and have facilitated meetings for every size of business, from startup to global enterprise. We’ve led sessions in a variety of disciplines that include project management, program management, change management, sales, marketing, innovation, and engineering.

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