Navigating Complex Projects with Map Day and GoWall

Navigating Complex Projects with Map Day and GoWall

Map Day Project Planning

Map Day group planning has been a tried and true project management technique for decades, primarily because it focuses on deliverables and establishing accountability between the teams responsible for them. Map Day involves getting all contributors to a project into a room for a day to create a high-level plan together.


For example, a senior project manager at a large, global 2000 company needed to launch a project that required several teams to get it done. The business wanted the project completed quickly for one of their largest customers, but the teams responsible for the launch were concerned about resources, timelines and costs. The teams had no experience working together, and some were remote.


Using Map Day methodology and GoWall’s meeting productivity software, the project manager took a top-down and bottom-up approach to determine who needed to deliver what to whom so the project could stay on track and keep the customer satisfied.


8 Key Steps to Include in Your Map Day Planning:


  • Start by bringing together representatives of every team involved in the project (including remote teams via video conference).
  • Use GoWall’s topic structure to identify the scope, requirements and expected benefits of the project.
  • Review schedules and major milestones using a top-down (high level) approach.
  • Ask teams that are responsible for deliverables to present a review of what they expect to complete and what receivables they need to do their work.
  • Use GoWall’s note grouping feature to make sure all the deliverables and receivables are identified and matched.
  • Formalize team agreements on what, when and how the deliverables will be completed.
  • Review existing risks and issues and identify new ones that may have emerged.
  • Use GoWall’s one-click export feature to generate a prioritized list of tasks, deliverables and receivables.


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