Case Study: Strategic Meetings

Case Study: Strategic Meetings

“Without GoWall, I would not have been able to accomplish what we did in one day”




Mark Morgan, a GoWall partner and professional facilitator, conducts strategy and leadership sessions for companies around the world. One of his clients, Proterra, is a leader in the design and manufacture of zero-emission electric buses. Recently, Proterra asked Mark to design and facilitate a session with their senior leadership team to establish the direction of Proterra’s growth strategy for the next 3 to 5 years. Mark had an 8-hour workday for the meeting—a tight timeframe to align the team, gather input, and help them set their course.


Solution – Enter GoWall


Mark used GoWall to design the meeting segments that mapped to his agenda and to accelerate the ability to capture critical feedback.


As he moved through the meeting segments, Mark engaged the team in discussion, and at the end of each segment, asked them to spend 5-10 minutes adding their input to GoWall. This strategy was a huge time saver and prevented the meeting from being derailed by side conversations. With GoWall, the team stayed focused and were able to quickly input targeted, high-quality feedback. The team provided an average of 31 notes per meeting segment, with 100 percent participation and input that seeded valuable conversations throughout the day.
Mark’s GoWall topics supported these key exercises:

  • A morning session on the team’s personality types—based on pre-work—and how these characteristics impacted their work style and contributions.
  • Brainstorming strategies focused on current and potential customers and markets.
  • Guided discussions to identify barriers to growth and current enablers.


GoWall supported the session by helping the team print their input on GoWall’s custom sticky notes so they could group and prioritize their comments in real time.




The Proterra team agreed that GoWall had a measurable impact on the session, allowing them to achieve their objectives in half the usual timeframe. Their CEO ranked GoWall as a “highly valuable” tool. The structure Mark created in GoWall focused the meeting and enabled the team to achieve:

  • An overall roadmap of Proterra’s direction
  • A change map
  • A clear-eyed view of barriers and enablers

At the end of the session, Mark simply exported all the input into a single document so the team had what they needed to move forward.


“Without GoWall, I would not have been able to accomplish what we did in one day,” Mark told us.