Case Study: Replacing Manual Processes

Case Study: Replacing Manual Processes

Non-Profit Replaces Manual Processes that Isolate Remote Attendees




A global, non-profit organization identified ineffective meetings as the cause of gaping productivity losses, and decided to make a change. Looking deeper, they found one practice that was directly impacting productivity—the use of handwritten “post-it notes” during meetings. Participants would place their notes on a whiteboard, and a meeting leader would group the notes by topic for everyone to view and discuss.


The “post-it” process was useful for promoting group interaction, but it was not practical for meetings with remote attendees. Other challenges included interruptions during and after the meeting due to illegible handwriting. And, the process made inefficient use of administrative personnel who had to decipher, transcribe and organize notes at the end of meetings.


Solution – Enter GoWall


GoWall’s easy-to-use interface transformed a clunky, manual process by automating participant input and output. Disparate post-it notes were replaced by a centralized, digital wall where every piece of input was collected and collated. The new process using GoWall also enabled a more inclusive environment—and more extensive input—by making it possible for remote participants to join.


The organization was also able to eliminate the burden and cost of post-meeting transcription by admin staff that was already stretched thin.




  • GoWall replaced manual processes with real-time co-creation to instantly convert input into actionable output, eliminating countless hours of administrative work
  • The organization took the structured crowdsourcing model a step further by requesting input in advance to accomplish more during collaborations and reach outcomes faster
  • Every participant—introvert or extrovert, in-person or virtual—could be fully engaged and all input quickly aggregated and condensed to produce high value outcomes


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